September 12th

Dalina was invited to visit her auntie Hailey at the Veluwe. The morning started with a lovely walk in the forest and a cup of coffee with apple pie at a gorgeous castle. After that we went to the camping for a tasty lunch. Hailey and Dalina had a great time together and behaved perfect. Good girls! It was a lovely day, thanks Karin and Hailey for the hospitality.

Sunday we went to the show in Zwolle with her. The judge was Mr. Hoenderkerken (NL). 

Dalina (I Nenya Ikigai of Dalmatey's Spot) did amazing by winning junior class!

Her older sister Mila (Haeska Halifax of Dalmatey’s Spot) did also really great and was 2nd in open class after the Best Bitch.

Sadly both with VG, the judge was very stern and only awarded 3 dogs with Excellent. So Dalina didn't finished her Youth Championship with this win. But we're still very proud of them. Dalina had so much fun and enjoyed all the cuddles and attention. 

September 7th

We had a mini holiday to Ameland with the dogs. For Dalina it was the first time on the boat and in the bus but she behaved like a pro. We doubted for a long time to took Koh I Noor with us, as she is already a 13 years old granny. But she proved it was the best decision we’ve made, she was so happy and loved every minute of it! Also All Stars was over the moon to be back on the beach again. He just loves to swim in the sea and jump into the waves. He can go on forever if we don’t stop him. After Dalina was used to the weaves she swam a lot in the sea and played on the beach with All Stars. In between the walks and swimming they could rest, drink and snack in the dunes on their towel. At the hotel they where totally exhausted, crashed on the bed and slept for hours. But the next day ready for a new adventure on the beach. We’re super proud of the dogs. It was amazing, two lovely days we will never forget.

August 29th

Today it's Dalina her 1rst Birthday!! She's spoleid like hell; yesterday a nice present from Joke and today also lots of presents and of course Birthday cake. She loves all the new toys and plays with them one by one. We're so happy with this lovely, sweet and happy girl. Happy Birthday Lientje Pientje!

August 28th

We're back home from to the International dog show in Rotterdam last weekend. The judge on the saturday was Mrs. J. Kruus (Est) and sunday Mr. Van den Berg (NL).

Dalina (I Nenya Ikigai of Dalmatey’s Spot) was the first day 2VG in junior class and the second day 3VG.

Her elder sister Mila (Haeska Halifax of Dalmatey’s Spot) was 4Exc on saturday and 3VG on sunday in open class. 

The girls did amazing and had so much fun the whole weekend. Leonieke stayed with Dalina at her breeder Joke overnight. It was amazing to see Dalina with her grandmom Djuna, mother Lola and of course big sister Mila. They had so much fun and played a lot. Thanks you so much for the hospitality Joke, Cor and Jasper! It was a great weekend!

July 27th

Dalina had a date with her friends Xya and Violet, also Otto joined us. They had so much fun running and playing. It was a lovely morning.

July 22nd

Today is a special day; 5 out of the 7 puppies from our A-litter celebrate their 13th Birthday!! Amazing!! Happy Birthday Amira, Jamie, Lieve and Mador. And of course our sweet Koh I Noor. She is spoilt with a lot of presents and of course delicious cake. She is such a great girl, still in very good shape for her age and loves to walk twice a day for a hour. We love her so much. 

July 2nd

Dalina did great at the International dogshow in Utrecht. The judge was Mr. D. Baars (NL). 

Dalina (I Nenya Ikigai of Dalmatey's Spot) was 4Exc in junior class.

Her lovely full sister Mila (Haeska Halifax of Dalmatey’s Spot) out off a previous litter was 3Exc in open class. They both had a lovely judge report. Well done girls!

June 7th

Today Dalina competed at the International Pinkstershow in Gorinchem. The judge was Mr. Kliebenstein (DE).

And she did it again!

Dalina (I Nenya Ikigai of Dalmatey's Spot) won junior class with Excellent and gained her second JCAC at the age of 9 months. 

Amazing, what a great way to start her show career. 

June 5th

Saturday we went to the Holland Cup with Dalina. The judge was Mr. J. Sloot (NL). She did really well;

Dalina (I Nenya Ikigai of Dalmatey's Spot) was 1Exc in junior class with JCAC and received the title "Holland Cup Junior Winner". Later on she also won 2nd Best Bitch with RCAC (she was to young for RCACIB). On top of that she also qualified for Crufts '23.

We're very proud of these lovely results, but even more on how she behaved in and around the ring. She was so happy to see all her human and doggy friends she made last weekend again. Her breeder Joke also came with Dalina her gorgeous full sister Mila from a previous litter. Dalina was over the moon. It was a great day, we all three enjoyed every minute of it.

June 1rst

PARTYYYYYY!! Today All Stars celebrates his 8th Birthday. Hip hip hurray. We also wish his lovely brothers Enzo, Joy and Noah a Happy Birthday.

April 16th

It was a perfect sunny day to make some pictures of the dogs in the garden. We're so proud of our spotties Koh I Noor 12 years and 9 months, All Stars 7 years and Dalina 7 months.

March 28th

Last weekend Dalina went to the show in Hazerswoude. She did really well for the very fist time. The judge for the 21 Dalmatians was mw. L. Kersbergen (NL). 

Dalina (I Nenya Ikigai of Dalmatey's Spot) was 2nd with Very Promising in puppy class bitches with a lovely judge report.