Welcome to the website of "Handsome Friends" Dalmatian Dogs.

We are Martine and Leonieke, sisters of each other. We live with our pets in The Netherlands. We have a few other animals, but this website is of course  dedicated to our spotted friends, Dazzle Design, Masai Mara, Koh I Noor and All Stars.

In 2002 Dazzle (Multi Champion Handsome Harley Dalmoor Manor) came into our life and in 2007 the pack was expanded with Masai (Multi Champion First Forest Forever Friends). With these two great dogs we bred our first litter and kept a lovely girl from it; Multi Champion Handsome Friends Adamas Koh I Noor. In 2014 Koh I Noor became proud mother of our B litter, we kept  All Stars (Handsome Friends Bo Darya-Ye Noor) from this litter.

Now you know the names of our first two Dalmatian you probably can explain the name of our kennel. Handsome Friends is a combination of the names Handsome Harley and Forever Friends. The name of our kennel also directly tells you the goal of the dogs we want to breed; Lovely dogs and friends for life!! In our breeding we want to try to improve the breed at which the good of the parents will be guarded. Our priority is healthy, correctly built and a harmonius body with a good movement and especially a fine character. We love to show our dogs and get good results, but in the first place they are our buddy's with who we have lots of fun in daily life.