Our B-litter was born June 1rst 2014 out of:

American, Canadian, Brazilian Champion

BISS Winner, Quaker Oates Award Winner

BIS Westminster '06

Merry Go Round Mach Ten

Dutch, Luxembourg, German, International Champion,

Vice World Junior Winner '10, Dutch and Luxembourg Youth Champion, BISS and RBIS Puppy, BIG Lingen '10, Dutch Veteran Champion

Handsome Friends Adamas Koh I Noor

Boomer and Koh I Noor have bi-lateral hearing, complete dentition and HD-A. 

All puppies have bi-lateral hearing and found a lovely home.

August 8th

Yesterday Enzo (Handsome Friends Bo's Black Legend) and Joy (Handsome Friends Brazilian Battle) went to their new homes. Both of the boys did really well on their trip home and slept well their first night. 

We wish Noah, Enzo and Joy all the happiness in the world with their new family's. We enjoyed every day of you, You're amazing puppies! 

All Stars (Handsome Friends Bo Darya-Ye Noor) will stay with us and of course we will never forget Handsome Friends Best Kept Secret. 

We thank mommy Koh I Noor (Ch. Handsome Friends Adamas Koh I Noor) for the fantastic sons she brought into this world. You did such a great job sweet girl, we're so proud of you and always thankful. 

We also want to thank Dierenkliniek Borgstee for the great care. 

August 6th

Sunday we went with Enzo, Joy and All Stars to the children's farm. They were very interested in the sheep, goats, pigs and ducks they almost didn't see all the kids who wanted to cuddle them.

August 4th

Noah is doing really well in his new home. We get updates about him almost every day, so great.

August 3rd

The boys have experienced a lot the last few days. They played in the fields, visited friends with 7 other dogs, went to the water and went to the garden center again. The rest of the time they played a lot in the garden and helped in turns with the horses in the stable. 

July 30th

Yesterday the puppies enjoyed the beautiful weather. 

July 29th

Sunday Handsome Friends Bold to the Bone "Noah" went to his new owners. He behaved excellent on his way to his new home in Someren. Also the introduction with the cats Doezel and Lexie went perfect. We wish sweet Noah lots of luck with his new mommy's Myrthe and Willeke and we wish them all the best with this dream boy!

The other boys were allowed to play in the straw field. They went crazy. 

July 27th

Friday was a rainy day so the puppies played with some interactive games.They really enjoyed it.

Saturday we took them to the garden center and drunk a cup of coffee there. The boys behaved excellent. 

July 25th

We went with the boys to the photoshoot!! We already looked forward to this a long time before the puppies were born.Petra Boerhof (PB Foto) has made some gorgeous pictures of them in her studio. We're so happy with the results !

July 24th

While Gabrielle (owner Kynologisch Centrum Kynospirit) judged the puppies her almost two years old daughter Tsuya was busy with treats, handling and cuddling the puppies. With a bowl of water mixed with curds, treats and snacks she was the puppies best friend. Such a cute sight.

Yesterday the boys played by the water again and had a lot of fun.

July 22nd

The weather was really bad yesterday so the boys had to stay inside. They walked through the house all day long. At the end of the day they were allowed to explore the stables and play in the straw. They had so much fun!

July 21th

Yesterday the boys had ladies visit. Benthe came with her owners Natasja and Arno. They even brought a present for Dazzle, Masai and Koh I Noor! Everybody had a great time and Benthe was so sweet with the boys.

July 20th

Friday we went with the boys to the water together with Sylvia and her great labrador Quincy. The puppies did very well; very easy going, not afraid of strange dogs and immediately started to explore. 

In the afternoon we had a visit from a lady of the NCDH ....she was very satisfied! A lot of reasons to be proud of the boys!

Saturday our good friends Marco and Angelique came to help us socialize the puppies at the centre. The puppies behaved as if they had been there before many times and reacted perfectly to all the people, kids, baby buggies, wheelchairs, strange sounds and objects. They  cuddled with a lot with all people. 

In the afternoon Judith and Erik (First Forest) came agian, always great fun. 

July 18th

It was very hot yesterday so the puppies were outside all day. 

July 17th

Yesterday morning Daniel and Alyssa and their mom came to visit the puppies. They played and cuddled with them a lot. The boys also got a really nice present, thanks a lot!

In the afternoon we took the boys to the forrest for the first time. Grandpa Dazzle came with us for some support but afterwards it wasn't necessary because the puppies were very brave. We're very proud of our spotties big and small.

July 16th

Yesterday we went to the BAER test with the puppies. We're so happy to say all puppies have bi-lateral hearing!!

July 15th

Yesterday the boys went to the vet for a check-up and their first vaccination. They behaved very brave and tried to look out of the window during their first car ride. In the afternoon they could play in the new caterpillar. We borrowed it from Judith and Erik (First Forest), thanks! The boys like it a lot! 

July 14th

Enzo got a visit from his new owners yesterday. It was a little bit cold outside so the puppies slept on our laps, they're spoiled already. 
In the afternoon we made standing pics of the boys. The first two we're very easy but the last two puppies only wanted to run and play. Handsome Friends Bo Darya-Ye Noor wasn't interested in any treat so sadly a less nice picture of him.

July 13th

Yesterday was Ladies Day; Marieke, Karin and Ria (Dalmindy's) and Chantal (Kykado) came to see the puppies. They brought us a basket full of presents, the boys played with their new toys immediately. It was a great day, thank you all!

July 12th

Yesterday our niece Joyce amused the puppies for one hour so we could go for a swim with Dazzle, Masai and Koh I Noor. The boys find their "swimming pool" still a bit strange but at the same time very interesting.

July 11th

What a lovely day yesterday. The weather was great so the puppies could stay outside all day long. They enjoyed themselves very well, slept in the grass and saw a lot of new things like cars, bicycle's and tractors.

July 10th

The puppies got their microchip, they were very brave. Later the Noah his new owners came to cuddle the puppies. All spots big and small enjoyed the treats they brought with them. Spoiled dogs!

July 9th

Yesterday the puppies could play outside for only 10 minutes because of the bad weather. We gave them some new toys to chew on. In the afternoon they were allowed to walk loose in the small living room and the office. So they had something exciting to explore. Before they went to sleep they read the newspaper. 

July 8th 

All puppies walked one by one on a leash over the drive. For the boys this is unknown area but they did excellent!

July 7th

The boys are already five weeks old. They already are real doggies, so cute, funny, handsome, nice and naughty........

July 6th

Yesterday we've got special visitors; Nelleke, the breeder of our Dazzle, came with her husband Ab to cuddle and judge the puppies. The spots are spoiled again with presents, thanks a lot! Later the new owners of Joy came to visit him and give him a cuddle before their holiday. 

July 5th

Yesterday the puppies enjoyed the beautiful weather. We've made a portrait of all boys individual. They did very well and already are real models. 

July 4th

Before the puppies were born we bought a pink Dora play tent, but we can't have the boys playing in that! So now they have a cool tent with cars on it, they immediatly showed their visitiors how brave they are. At night the puppies could rest in their new basket. 

July 3rd

We've fenced a big pen in the grass yesterday. Now the puppies can run and play as much as they want, so much joy!

Juli 2nd

The puppies are already addicted to their laptop. We put it out before we go to bed, otherwise we even hear Winnie the Pooh singing in the middle of the night. They already watch tv too!

July 1rst

Yesterday the puppies played outside two times. They had so much fun!

June 30th

Yesterday we dewormed the puppies again, yuck. In the afternoon we removed the whelping box out of the pen, now they have more space to romp around. 

June 29th

Yesterday was another day with a lot of new impressions. Baby Thijs came to visit them and we put the babygym and "computer" in the pen. They enjoyed themselves very well!

June 28th

Yesterday granny Masai was allowed to play with her grandkids outside. She found them very interesting but was very carefull. 

June 27th

June 26th

June 25th

Today some rest for the dogs. The puppies become very inventive, we enjoy them so much.

June 24th

Today the spotties had visitors again who brought them delicous presents, thanks! Sadly Koh I Noor was very tired. Tomorrow we will give her some rest, it's tough for her.

June 23th

It was a very busy weekend with lots of visitors. The dogs and the puppies got a lot of presents, thanks everyone! Today the boys got porridge for the first time, they really liked it. But the pictures are running one day behind so tomorrow  pictures of the mess. 


Day 21:

Day 22:

June 21th

Mom and kids are doing great!! The puppies already dare to go out of the whelping box by themselves (making a lot of noise of excitement).

June 20th

Yesterday we moved the puppies from the "nursery room" to the big living room. Now they can go out of the whelping box and explore the big pen. In the evening they have a small pen in the room next to the tv, so it's cosy for everyone. 

June 19th

Yesterday the puppies in turn supported Holland in front of the tv. They were not at all impressed by the game.

June 18th

Finally we´ve got mail from the Dutch Kennelclub. The names of the boys are approved. We will call them:

- Handsome Friends Bold to the Bone

- Handsome Friends Bo´s Black Legend

- Handsome Friends Brazilian Battle

- Handsome Friends Bo Darya-Ye Noor

June 17th

Yesterday the puppies played together for the first time, such a wonderfull spectacle to watch. Since a few days we have a strip of newspapers next to the Drybed® in the whelping box and they have already started to pee on it. They are such smart boys!

June 16th

All the boys opened their eyes, so cute! They also already can walk very good. They are becoming to look like real little doggies, so delightfull!

June 15th

The second week passed in a rush, the puppies enter their third week. Today we dewormed them, the boys didn't like it at all. They flushed the bad taste away with mommy's milk, much tastier.

June 14th

Everything is going really well with Koh I Noor and her boys. We enjoy the miracle in de welpingbox! The puppies like the different pluche toys. They also like  to lay in our arms or on our lap.

June 13th

The spots of the puppies are becoming more visible, so nice! When we clean the whelping box the boys are put in a basket and then they crawl all over each other! Martine's good friend visited us and cuddled all the pups in her lap. She gave Dazzle, Masai, Koh I Noor and the puppies a basket full of presents! We have also received quite a few postcards. Thank you all so much!!

June 12th

All puppies are already 2 pounds!! They sleep longer between drinking so Koh I Noor gets her food in a activityball or a brain game for a bit of distraction. She also wants to walk longer now.


Day 10:

Day 11:

June 10th

Today we removed the bars out of the whelping box. The boys are so big now they often got stuck. You already see some spotting. Especially on their belly, nose and ears. 

Juni 9th
The boy's are growing very fast and crawl powerfully through the welpingbox. We enjoy it! Koh I Noor is a bit hot so we are cooling her with wet towels and a coolbandana. She is such a great mum!

June 8th
The first week is over. Yesterday we cut the nails of the boys for the first time. Now they can drink at mommy's milkbar without damaging her. 

June 7th

Today is already the last day of the boys first week. The guys are growing really well and look very satisfied. They climb over their mom and crawl on your lap. We're so happy with them! 

June 6th

The puppies are doing great!! Of course we've made a lot of pictures, it was hard to select some. We hope you can enjoy them a little with us with this selection.


Day 4:

Day 5:

June 5th

Sorry for a little late update in English. We had some heavy days. Monday evening Koh I Noor delivered an other baby boy! Already twentyfour hours after his brothers but this guy was still alive. He was a bit weak and needed some help but soon he fed by himself and looked healthy and satisfied. Sadly after a while he lost weight, became weaker and despite the heat lamp he became cold. We brought him to the vet who tried to save him by giving him glucose by a probe every hour, extra heat etcetera but at 00.30 hour Handsome Friends Best Kept Secret died. We are so sad, it was such a great boy and a fighter. But the birth took too long, he was too tired and had to fight too much so young. We have already lighted a candle for him. Tomorrow we will bury our little fellow. Rest in peace sweety. 

June 2nd
We are totally over the moon! Koh I Noor gave birth to four very special boys! She did a very good job and is a super mom! We were waiting for puppy number five but it stayed with 4 puppies. De boys are very active and drinking very good. They gained in weight already! The vet came to visit us to check mother and children and for now  they looked very healthy.
Koh I Noor, grandfather Dazzle, grandmother Masai en we are very proud!

May 26th

Pfew....today Koh I Noor is eight week pregnant. The puppies are very active, we feel and see them move a lot. For Koh I Noor it's tougher now, sometimes she lies down and groans softly and now and then she's a bit restless. The welping box is a nice place for her now, she sleeps in it often. Yesterday she got her second and last herpes vaccination and in the afternoon we put a bed next to the whelping box. The puppies are expected at the end of the week, we are ready for it!!

May 19th

Seven weeks pregnant, time flies!! Koh I Noor is still very active, likes to join us on the daily walks and enjoys the nice weather in the garden (she uses the "pool" as a big water bowl). She lies steched out being pregnant in the room a lot. Meanwhile she is becoming pretty thick and loves it to sit with you as you can see on the pictures. 

May 16th

Yesterday we put the whelping box in the living room. Dazzle, Masai and cat Pinkie really like it, Koh I Noor isn't very interested. This morning she was in it for a while, as long as we are sitting with her it's fine. 

May 12th

Another week has passed, Koh I Noor is exactly six weeks pregnant today. We increase her food little by little. When she can't sleep at night and at 23.30 o'clock is still messing around the house to see if there is something to snatch we know she needs some extra food during the day. Her belly is growing but she still looks lovely, our gorgeous lady. We often try to feel the puppies but we've not yet succeeded. But it's still early for that, maybe in the course of the week. Of course we've made some picture's the last few days of the mommy to be. 

May 5th

Koh I Noor is pregnant for five weeks already! She feels great and her belly is growing steadily! We notice that during our walks her behavior towards other dogs is changing; normaly she gets aquainted at once and often starts running and playing, but now she stays more in the background. She's hungry too...really hungry!! She is quite active again and sleeps less than during the first weeks.

We have taken out the whelping box and cleaned it. Of course we have done some wonderful shopping, we have now bought most of the neccesary things.

We've also got lots of new toys, although granddad Dazzle reckons you never have enough!!

May 1rst

Koh I Noor got a postcard from her labrador friends! It made her laugh very much!

April 30th

Today we went with Koh I Noor to the vet for the last ultrasound check. Dazzle and Masai needed their vaccination and came with us so they could see their grandkids. Also this time everything looked fine. It remains a special sight; new life and little heartbeats in Koh I Noor's belly.

April 24th

We're totally over the moon; an ultrasound confirmed that Koh I Noor is pregnant!! She already has a little belly and sleeps more than normal. We nearly can't believe it. From now on we can only cross our fingers for a prosperous pregnancy and delivery and of course healthy, sweet, nice and lovely puppies.

April 4th

We're back home safe and sound from our trip to the fertility specialist with Koh I Noor. The whole process went perfect. Koh I Noor behaved very well and enjoyed being alone with us on a trip. We are very satisfied with the good care of the specialist and want to thank her very much!

If Koh I Noor is pregnant the puppies are expected the second half of week 22nd. Exciting!

March 6th

Time for cake today! The frozen semen of the hopefully daddy to be of the Handsome Friends B litter (Ch. Merry Go Round Mach Ten) arrived safe and sound in Europe today.
Now we must wait for Koh I Noor. We don't think it will take much time before she will start her season.