I Nenya Ikigai of Dalmatey's Spot

 Holland Cup Junior Winner, 2nd Best Bitch NCDH/ WAFDAL show '23


Colour: Black on white

Born: 29-08-2021

Sire: Dutch Champion Handsome Friends Brazilian Battle

Dame: Guess Guerlain of Dalmatey’s Spot

Hips: HD-A Norberg 40
Elbows: Free 0/0

Hearing: +/+

Teeth: Complete dentition, scissor bite

Height: 56 cm
Heart ultrasound 04-'24: No signs of DCM

Dalina is bred by Joke Sauerbreij. She is a daughter of Lola (Guess Guerlain of Dalmatey’s Spot) and our own boy Joy (Champion Handsome Friends Brazilian Battle). That makes her a granddaughter of our Koh I Noor (Multi Champion Handsome Friends Adamas Koh I Noor) and a great-granddaughter of Dazzle (Multi Champion Handsome Harley Dalmoor Manor) and Masai (Multi Champion First Forest Forever Friends). The father of Lola is the Russian male Mef (Multi Champion Udarny Blues 's Neskih Ostrovov), a son of the lovely male Multi Champion Dalming Hocus Pocus. Lola her mother is Onsengeltje's Djuna and bred in Canada by Carola Adams. Djuna her parents both reached a respectable age of 14 years. Dalina is out of a litter with 10 puppies; 7 males and 3 females. All puppies have bi-lateral hearing and no puppies with blue eyes. 

Dalina is a really happy and sweet girl. She loves to play in the garden, go for a walk and play with al her doggy friends. Every morning she's the best help you can wish for at the stable with the horses. She's just like her great-grandmother Masai; cleaning up all the food the horses drop. When she's tired of all helping in the stable, working in the garden, walks and training the best place to sleep is on your lap. But first she wants lots of cuddles and kisses. Our cat Yob is her best friend. They invent a lot of games to play together. Dalina is a really joy to live with and always makes you smile.

Dalina isn't shown that much but already achieved some amazing results. She's Holland Cup Junior Winner and qualified for Crufts '23!