The Dalmatian is a lively and enthusiastic dog. They have a lot of energy and love to walk, go with the bicylce or do other active things. Because they have a good endurance it is certainly necessary to give them a lot of physical exercise. A 15 minutes walk three times a day is certainly not sufficient. 
The Dalmatian is athletic and intelligent. Because of their body, enthusiasm and intelligence they are very suitable for several dog sports. With positive training they can reach a lot in several disciplines.

The Dalmatian is also a very loving dog. They love to cuddle and crawl into you lap. They really feel that they are a member of the family. Because of that they don't like it to be home alone for a long time. Mostly Dalmatians welcome visitors with loud barking.

With his particularly beautifull, shorthaired white coat with black or liver spotting pattern Dalmatians are lovely tolook at!. No two spotted coats are the same and that makes each Dalmatian particularly unique. He looses short hairs all the time so it is necessary to vacuumclean your house every day.