You had probably noticed that the Handsome Friends pack at the moment consists of four Dalmatians: (Dazzle  2016) Masai, Koh I Noor and All Stars and Joy in co-ownership. All five of them have an own can click on it above.

We love to show our dogs and get good results, and breeding a litter is a very special occasion! But firstly our spotted friends are our pals with who we enjoy doing nice things! We go for a walk or a bike ride 2-3 hours a day and if the weather is fine and we have enough time we go for extra long walks and include a nice lunch someplace! About twice a week they accompany the pony and cart. It is very special; Dalmatians know by instinct to follow the cart closely...their noses nearly touching the back of the cart! As a very special excursion we try to take the dogs to the seaside once or twice a year!

All dogs do various kinds of dog-sports, a workshop or a course regularly. It is a nice coïncidence that working with your dog gives you an even better relationship!