December 20th
We went to the Winner show in Amsterdam with Masai and Koh I Noor. The judge was Mr. J. de Cuyper (B) and there were 44 Dalmatians registered.
Koh I Noor (Multi.Ch. Handsome Friends Adamas Koh I Noor) was 3rd in champion class.
Masai (Multi.Ch.First Forest Forever Friends) won a strong veteran class with VCAC and became Veteran Winner '15. She also was Best of Breed Veteran. With this result Masai finished her Dutch Veteran Championship.

Both girls had excellent jugde reports.

One week before we went to the NKC Clubshow with All Stars and Joy. Mr. D. Baars was the judge for group 6.
All Stars (Handsome Friends Bo Darya-Ye Noor) won intermediaire class and was 3rd Best Dog.
Joy (Handsome Friends Brazilian Battle) won open class and was 2nd Best Dog.

It was a great day!

October 4th

Masai (Multi.Ch. First Forest Forever Friends) did a great job at the International dogshow in Zwolle today. She won veteran class with VCAC and Best of Breed Veteran. She also went 2nd Best Bitch with RCAC! Masai had a amazing judge report. The judge was Mr. Manucci (IT). 

September 14th

Yesterday was the NCDH Clubshow. Martine stayed at home with All Stars who's sick. A little weird because Leonieke never showed Dazzle before and it's already 7,5 years ago she showed Masai. But the dogs did amazing! We're really proud they all got an "excellent" because the judge wasn't generous with it.

Dazzle (Multi.Ch. Handsome Harley Dalmoor Manor) was 1Exc. VCAC in veteran class dogs and became BOS Veteran

Koh I Noor (Multi.Ch. Handsome Friends Adamas Koh I Noor) was 4Exc. in champion class bitches.

Masai (Multi.Ch. First Forest Forever Friends) got 2Exc. in veteran class bitches.

September 7th

Today is a very special day; our sweet boy Dazzle (Multi.Ch. Handsome Harley Dalmoor Manor) is having his 13th Birthday! It's an old boy, but still very fitt for his age. He's doing so well, joins us every morning on a walk for a hour and most afternoons he also love to walk. 

Dazzle had a lovely Birthday, he enjoyed every minute of it! 

August 26th

We added a new photoalbum of our walks in Appelscha. Boys and girls seperate because Noor is in heat. Click here.

August 17th

We went to the Kynospirit clubshow with Masai (Multi.Ch. First Forest Forever Friends) and Joy (Handsome Friends Brazilian Battle). It's a nice show for exterior and also handling. 
Both dogs had lovely points for exterior and very nice comments for handling. Masai beat her grandson for Best of Breed and later became BIG2. She also became BIS2 Vetaren

Martine and Masai were selected with 5 others of her ring for Best Handler of the day. They competed at the end of the day and also were selected for the finals. Martine and Masai did such a great job, they are an amazing team together and ended up as 2nd Best Handler of the day! It's was a great day, we're so proud of the spotties!

July 29th

Koh I Noor did really well at the International dogshow in Rotterdam. She won championclass and became 2nd Best Bitch with RCAC/ RCACIB! The judge was Mrs. S. Weber-Martegani (CH) and there were 27 Dalmatians registered.

July 23rd

Yesterday it was Koh I Noor's 6th Birthday. We made an extra long walk in Ruinen with all the dogs and of course Koh I Noor got a lot of presents and cake! A perfect Birthday.
Also congrats to her brothers Jamie and Mador and her sisters Ajwa, Amira, Coco and Lieve. We hope you liked your present.

Today she had a swimming party with the whole family.

July 8th

Today we recieved All Stars (Handsome Friends Bo Darya-Ye Noor) his hip results; HD A Norberg 40!! We're so happy!

July 4th

It's very hot in Holland so we take the dogs to the water every day. They love it! Click here fot the photo album.

June 24th
Also a little excusion for the boys today; A trip to the garden centre/ pet shop and a nice lunch.

June 23rd

Today we had a girls day out; we've made an extra walk in a "strange forrest" and after that we had a nice lunch. Sadly no pictures of our walk because of the bad weather. 

June 16th

Friday Noah (Handsome Friends Bold to the Bone) his mommy's married so Noah stayed with us for two days. We all had a great time together, it was so nice to look after him again. Many congrats to Myrthe and Willeke and lots of happiness for the future!

June 6th

We added a lot of news to our Dutch newspage the last few months but neglected the English page a bit. Sorry for that! So here's a big update!

March 21rst

We organised a Handsome Friends Family day. We created a play ground with some agility for the dogs, there was a playground with a lot of games and we booked two workshops body awareness for all the "puppies" and family. Everyone enjoyed the lovely Handsome Friends cake and the nice lunch. At the end of the day all dogs got a great goodie bag. It was so great to see everyone again, we had a lovely time together! Click here for for the photos.

March 30th

At the International show in Luxembourg Koh I Noor (Ch.Handsome Friends Adamas Koh I Noor) won champion class bitches with CACL and became Luxembourgs Champion. She also took CACIB and finished her International Championship! The jugde was Mrs. Manola Pogessi (It) and there were 49 dalmatians inscribed.

April 7th

We went for a weekend to the International show in Goes with All Stars (Handsome Friends Bo Darya-Ye Noor). The first day Mr. Sanders (NL) gave him VG and the second day Mrs. M. O'Gorman (IE) gave him only a G. The reason of these qualifications was he was unsettled in the ring. All Stars had trauma at the age of 10 weeks in the ring of honour at a local show to practice. At ringcraft he's doing really well again so hopefully he will get his confidence back soon in the showring. Both days he got a really nice judge report. For the rest he behaved so well at the show, in the hotel, at the beach and the restaurant. He made a lot of new friends and shared his hotelroom with Italian greyhounds Nova and Duca.

April 30th

All Stars invited his brother Noah (Handsome Friends Bold to the Bone) for a trip to the swimming pool for dogs. Noah looked very cool in his mom's rescue vest. The boys had a lot of fun and did really well. After that Noah and his mommy's visit us for cup of coffee. It was such a great day!

May 11th

We had a very successful day at the International show in Dortmund (D). The judge for the bitches was Dhr. Coppens (NL) and 90 Dalmatians were subscribed.

Masai (Multi.Ch. First Forest Forever Friends) won a very big and strong veteran class with VCAC VDH and VCAC Club and became Europaveteransieger '15! She also beat the veteran male and became Best Of Breed veteran. In the ring of honour she was selected in a big group. 

Koh I Noor (Ch. Handsome Friends Adamas Koh I Noor became 2nd with CAC VDH and RCAC Club which made her German Champion! So she finished three championship titles in only two shows! 

Both girls had a lovely judge report. We're so proud of them!

May 26th

Since a few weeks Joy (Handsome Friends Brazilian Battle) joins us at ringcraft sometimes. He's still very cheerful and jumpy but makes a lot of progress every lesson. 

He and his owners also come along with us a few times a month at our daily walk. The brothers can't stop playing and running together. Also Koh I Noor loves to hang around with her boys. Dazzle and Masai likes the attention a lot and the cookies they bring every time.  It's such a lovely sight the "whole" family all together and pleasure for everyone! 

We've made a nice walk in Hooghalen. Click here for the photos.

May 30th

Our dogs were invited to a swim (rescue) workshop organised by Dogsplash, the swimming pool for dogs. Sadly the weather was too cold for our old boy Dazzle and the girls don't like cold water. So we took our brave boy All Stars. While waiting for his turn he played with some other dogs. In the water he didn't understand immediately the meaning of the exercise so they had to lift him up in the water. After that he did so great and even swam to the boat and retrieved a lifebuoy and wetsuit! We're so proud of him, good boy! Click her for the photos.

June 1rst

Hip, hip hurray! Noah, Joy, All Stars and Enzo celebrate their first Birthday. We wishing them many happy and healthy years!

June 6th

We went with mother and son to the International show in Oss. The judge was Mrs. N. Horsten-Ceustermans.

All Stars (Handsome Friends Bo Darya-Ye Noor) got 3VG in junior Class. He did so much better. He was unsettled when the judge touched him but for the rest he was very happy in the ring wagging his tail a lot. 

Koh I Noor (Multi.Ch. Handsome Friends Adamas Koh I Noor) was 2Exc. in champion class. 

April 27th

We've made some amazing picture's of our gorgeous dogs in the lovely flowers. Click here for all the photos.

April 16th

Every quarter of the year Dazzle visits fysiotherapist Sylvia Haveman for a "welness treatment". This time All Stars was allowed to join him. We had a great time all together.

April 10th

Dazzle, Masai, Koh I Noor and All Stras enjoyed the first sunny days of the spring a lot! Click here for photos.

March 8th

We've made new standing picture's of Koh I Noor (Champion Handsome Friends Adamas Koh I Noor NJK LJK).

She already was gorgeous but became a real lady after her litter. We can't wait to show her again. She already has many CAC'S and CACIB's in Europe, just needs to finish a lot of titles.

March 7th

Hip, hip, hurray: Dazzle is 12,5 years old today! Photoalbum.

March 2nd

We went with All Stars and Masai to the Martinidogshow in Groningen. The judge was Mrs. Loch-Romans and there were 25 Dalmatians.
All Stars (Handsome Friends Bo Darya-Ye Noor) got 1VG in Youth Class males. The judge was quite stern and All Stars had a nice judge report so we're proud of his very first performance in the showring.
Masai (Multi.Ch. First Forest Forever Friends) became 1Exc. in Veteran Class females and got her first VCAC. She also won the title "Benelux Veteran Winner '15" and became Best Of Breed Veteran. She showed really well, good girl!

February 20th

Yesterday we had an amazing day at the beach. The dogs loved it! Photoalbum.

February 15th

Yesterday we visited Coco (Handsome Friends All You Need) and Enzo (Handsome Friends Bo's Black Legend). It's amazing how they welcomed us; Coco smiled friendly and Enzo couldn't stop hugging, laughing and kissing. Before we went home we joined them for a walk thru "their" woods. They are such a lovely couple. Family Klerkx, thanks a lot for your hospitality!

February 10th

We've made new standing pictures of our beautiful 8 months old boy All Stars (Handsome Friends Bo Darya-Ye Noor).

February 6th

Snow in Holland! The dogs loved it! Photoalbum.

January 25th

Last week we visited Joy (Handsome Friends Brazilian Battle) and took a new staking picture of this lovely young man. His own page is now up-to-date again.

January 12th

We went with Joy and All Stars to the DIN-fonds New years walk on the beach in Kijkduin. There were 80 Dalmatians. It was a long drive, but the boys behaved very well together in the car. They ran and played a lot on the beach with all the other Dalmatians but especially with each other. After our walk we drank coffee in a very small and cozy restaurant with lots of other dogs. The brothers did so well, we're very proud of them. Thanks to the owners of Joy for the carpooling!

January 4th

Normally Dazzle is allowed to take one "swimming friend" to the pool, but this time we took all the dogs with us. We all had a lovely time. Dazzle already can swim really well with the stream on. Good old boy! Also Masai, Koh I Noor and All Stars swam great!

January 3rd

December 23rd we visited Noah (Handsome Friends Bold to the Bone). All Stars was allowed to join us. We've had a really nice walk and the brothers played so nice together. Myrthe and Willeke thank you so much for your hospitality. 

Joy (Handsome Friends Brazilian Battle) and All Stars passed their Buddy Basis Plus course so we went for a walk so they finally could play together and not have to stay on the leash. The boys had so much fun! On the way we drank hot chocolate. It was a great afternoon, thanks to Saskia, Alain, Marit and Anna.

January 1rst

Today Masai celebrated her eight Birthday. We had a lovely day, Masai enjoyed it very much.