November 15th

Dalina was photographed by Mascha de Lange, studio Inpiration of Pets. She did amazing and act like an pro. Many thanks Mascha for the amazing pictures!

November 1rst

Last weekend we went to the NCDH clubshow. The judge for the bitches was Mr. D. Baars and 83 Dalmatians where registered. 
Koh I Noor (Multi. Ch. Handsome Friends Adamas Koh I Noor) was 2 Exc in veteran class. She really loved being in the ring again. We’re extremely proud she’s still in such a great condition with 12 years old. 
Dalina (I Nenya Ikigai of Dalmatey’s Spot) was a great supporter at 9 weeks of age. Thanks to Mike Dols who has made lovely pictures of the dogs; 1rst picture Koh I Noor, 2nd and 3rd picture Dalina and 4th picture Mila (Joy’s daughter).

October 10th

Sunday we've visited the lovely puppies of Lola (Guess Guerlain of Dalmatey’s Spot) and Joy (Ch. Handsome Friends Brazilian Battle) together with his co-owners. Within a second the puppies crawled in our lap and fall a sleep, so cute. Big sister Mila also adores her little brothers and sisters and also met her father Joy before we went home. Joke and Cor thanks for the hospitality and the cake, it was a lovely day. 

September 23rd

Lovely morning walk in Appelscha and of course coffee with apple pie afterwards. Koh I Noor and All Stars shared an ice cream. Lovely day!

Septemer 6th

Koh I Noor and All Stars loved their day at the beach. They did very well on the boat and bus. Enjoyed a nice beach walk, swimmed in the sea, played at the beach and rested in the dunes. When they came home cat Yob was already waiting for them. Such a lovely day. 

August 31th

Hip hip hurray! The puppies of Lola (Guess Guerlain of Dalmatey’s Spot) and Joy (Ch. Handsome Friends Brazilian Battle) are born on August 29th. Lola gave birth to 7 boys (3 with patch) and 3 girls (1 with patch). Daddy Joy is very proud. Today we had the honor to babysit for a few hours. The puppies were very active and mommy Lola very sweet. Joke and Cor; congratulations with the newborn litter. We wish them al the health and luck in the world now and in the future!

July 22th

Today Koh I Noor was our Birthday girl; 12 years old!! She's still in really good shape, happy and healthy. Because she don't like toys we spoilt her with lots of treats, cake, donuts, cupcakes and blankets; "Happy Birthday precious girl, we love you to the moon and back". We want to congratulate her brothers and sisters also, we hope you all have  a great Birthday. Big kisses for Ajwa and Coco who already passed away. You are missed!

July 20th

We had to say goodby to our pony Charlie on July the 10th. He got sick (colic) so the vet came to treat him but unfortunately without success. So we immediately went to the clinic with him where further examination made clear surgery wasn't an option anymore. The only thing we could do for him is let him go. We are all very sad and miss him a lot. Our dogs loved him, Charlie was amazing and so sweet with them. Dear Charlie, thanks for all the amazing moments and everything you gave us. Rest in Peace sweet little guy. 

June 19th

We went to the nest reunion of the of Dalmatey's Spots HH litter (Guess Guerlain of Dalmatey’s Spot x Ch. Handsome Friends Brazilian Battle) now 1,5 years old. The dogs had a great time playing with each other. It was a lovely day. Thanks a lot Joke for the organisation!

June 1rst

Today All Stars (Handsome Friends Bo Darya-Ye Noor) is our Birthday boy; 7 years old! He loved his Birthday cake and the presents. Sweet and happy boy. We wish his brothers Enzo, Noah and Joy also a Happy Birthday with lots of cake and presents.   

March 6th

We recieved some gorgeous pictures of Joy (Ch. Handsome Friends Brazilian Battle) his offspring. On the first photo's Maiden, June and their brother form the litter with Yakima (Indian Dogs Cherokee Lady). They are almost 9 months old now. On the fourth photo a male from the litter with Dolly (Indian Dogs Brown Hurrit), he is 6 months old. They're all doing great! We're very proud of Joy his children! 

February 8th

Winter wonderland in Holland, Koh I Noor and All Stars loves the snow!! We're so proud of Koh I Noor, she's already 11,5 years old but still a happy girl.

February 3rd

Koh I Noor and All Stars are very happy with their new "little brother" cat Yob!