December 8th

Saturday we went to the show in Brussel. The judge was Dhr. Vyguzov from Russia.

Koh I Noor (Ch. Handsome Friends Adamas Koh I Noor) became 2Exc in champion class and 2nd Best Bitch met RCAC/RCACIB. Good girl!

November 9th

We had a great day at the NKC clubshow. Koh I Noor and Joy had an amazing achievement. Special thanks for the support of Joy's co-owners and of course All Stars.

Joy (Handsome Friends Brazilian Battle) became Best Baby of Breed, in the ring of honour selected with the best 8 babies and after that 2nd Best Baby in Show!! He only had ring craft twice! 

Koh I Noor (Ch. Handsome Friends Adamas Koh I Noor) became Best of Breed and in the ring of honour 2nd Best in Group.

Both dogs had a lovely judging report. Breed and group judge Mw. M.L. Mensink and BIS judge Dhr. J.M.M.G. van Dijk. 

Needless to say we're so proud of them. It was really worth the long waiting .

A few times a week we receive great updates and pictures of Noah (Handsome Friends Bold to the Bone). He is doing really great. The cat Doezel is his best friend, they steal snacks together, sleep together and take care of each other. Noah also helps his owners with their company Pets Care Center. He is such a good boy!!

November 2nd

Marjo has sent us these gorgeous pictures of Mador (Handsome Friends A Cote d'Or). This lovely son of Dazzle and Masai is doing really well. Thanks a lot for the photos!!

October 27th

We received beautifull pictures of Coco (Handsome Friends All You Need), Enzo (Handsome Friends Bo's Black Legend) and Noah (Handsome Friends Bold to the Bone) playing together. All the "puppies" are doing great, we're so happy with all the updates and pics we get from their owners. Many thanks!!

October 25th

All Stars (Handsome Friends Bo Darya-Ye Noor is 4,5 months old now an becoming a real big boy. Today we've made new standing pics of him.

October 24th

Because it was for now the last time we went swimming with all four dogs at once we've made some pictures again. It's such a special sight seeing grandpa, grandma, mommy and son enjoying.

October 21st

Sunday we had special visitors, Noah (Handsome Friends Bold to the Bone) came with his owners Myrthe and Willeke. First we've made a walk and after that a nice lunch at home. The brothers played almost the whole time. A great day!

October 16th

Tuesday we went with all dogs to the swimming pool. Dazzle, Masai and Koh I Noor swam for an hour and had so much fun. All Stars first watched them and later got his first lesson. A little bit thrilling of course but very interesting. 

Wednesday Koh I Noor and All Stars made an extra walk with Barros and Amigo. Big fun! After that they came to our house with their mommy for a cup of coffee so Dazzle and Masai had an nice afternoon too.

October 7th

Koh I Noor and All Stars went to the International dogshow in Zwolle. All Stars accompanied us for his socialisation and of course as a supporter. He did great with the training in the ring before the show started. He also didn't look impressed by all the rush. 
Koh I Noor (Ch. Handsome Friends Adamas Koh I Noor) became 4th with a Excellent in the champion class. It was her first show after her litter, already perfect in showcondition again. 
It was a succesfull day.

October 2nd

Today it was Koh I Noor her turn to join Dazzle to the swimmingpool. It was all new for her but after a little help in the beginning she swam great and enjoyed it so much. And Dazzle? He retrieved his toys for half an hour non stop with so much joy and swam amazing. It was great again.

September 29th

Yesterday we had a lovely walk with all the brothers of the B-litter. Enzo, Noah, Joy and All Stars had so much fun and enjoyed it a lot to be together again for a while. They played a lot with each other but also all the other dogs, children and people were interesting. What an amazing view, four beautiful, happy and crazy young spots in the dunes. After our walk we drunk something together. A priceless day, thanks a lot everybody!

September 27th

Joy (Handsome Friends Brazilian Battle and All Stras (Handsome Friends Bo Darya-Ye Noor) passed their first course at the Martin Gaus dogschool Buddy. They did very well! We're very proud of the brothers. Of course they got a nice presents for this perfect acievement.

 September 23rd

Today All Stars went for a walk  with his girlfriend Quincy. After that we went out for a nice lunch. Lovely.

September 18th

Dazzle got a voucher for the swimmingpool for his Birthday and had his first appointment today. Masai was allowed to come with him, much more fun together. The dogs walked straight into the pool when they came in. They swam excellently under the guidance of their own `swimming teacher` and had so much fun. Masai even swam against the stream, she loved it. Dazzle is already looking forward to his next swimming excursion, then it´s Koh I Noor´s turn to come with him. 

September 15th

We went with Masai and Koh I Noor to the Dog Summer Event. The girls tried many different dog sports in short workshops. They also got a health check. Masai en Noor did excellent, behaved very well enjoyed their day out a lot. At the end of the day Dazzle and All Stars came to take a look and even joined two workshops! They loved it! A perfect day for all of us.

September 9th

We're busy with making the website up-to-date again. All Stars his own page is filled up and Joy and Enzo, two puppies out of our B-litter which we kept in co-ownership, got their own page. In the next weeks we will complete them with more photos and text.

September 8th

Hip, hip hooray for our boy Dazzle (Multi Ch. Handsome Harley Dalmoor Manor), he celebarated his 12th Birthday yesterday!! Dazzle enjoyed all the attention, presents, cake and eating with friends very much. Sweet Dazzle, we wish you a happy and healthy 13th year of life. You're a dream dog! 

August 8th

All the puppies of our B-litter have found a lovely home. All Stars (Handsome Friends Bo Darya-Ye Noor) will stay with us. From now we will place all the updates and pictures of the puppies on this news page. 

July 24th

Tuesday July 22nd celebrated Koh I Noor her 5th Birthday. She's spoiled with presents and cake. She also got a delicious cookie with a Birthday card by mail from her sister Coco. Like every year we also send a present to Koh I Noor her brothers and sisters Mador, Jamie, Ajwa, Amira, Coco and Lieve to congratulate them. We wish them all many happy and healthy years.

May 31st

The field across our house is mowed so Dazzle and Masai were allowed to play in the grass. Martine stayed with Koh I Noor so it was a bit difficult to make pictures on my own. Especially of Dazzle, who stays too close in front of the camera.

May 15th

Today we've made a nice long walk now that it's still possible. The dogs loved it; unknown enviroment, new smells and exciting paths. 

April 28th

We added showresults, showpics and the pedigree's of our dogs. 

April 26th

Of course we don't forget Dazzle! We took him to physiotherapist Sylvia Haveman for a nice massage. He loves that; nearly falls asleep, groaning and kissing. Now he's as good as new!!

March 13th

Spring in Holland!! The dogs really enjoy the beautifull weather. Beside the daily walks they want to walk in the garden and lay down in the sun whole afternoon. 

March 6th

Time for cake today! The frozen semen of the hopefully daddy to be of the Handsome Friends B litter (Ch. Merry Go Round Mach Ten) arrived safe and sound in Europe today.
Now we must wait for Koh I Noor. We don't think it will take much time before she will start her season.

March 3rd

This weekend we went to the Maritnidogshow with Dazzle. The judge was Mrs. T. Nygard (F).
Because of  the slippery floor Dazzle (Multi Champion Handsome Harley Dalmoor Manor) didn't run fully correctly but still he received 1Exc. VCAC and Best Of Breed Veteran. The judge wasn't quite generous with giving excellent so were very proud of that. Dazzle also had a great judging report and the judge gave him a big compliment by saying he doens't look older than 8 (he's 11,5 years old now)! 

Dazzle had a great day and enjoyed the showing, all the other dogs and the attention. 

February 14th

We took part of the Valentine Runway show with Koh I Noor. There were five judges, two for the handling and three to judge the exterior of the dog. Koh I Noor loved to show with the ambiance!! For handling we got a seven and an eight. Koh I Noor got two eights and a nine for her exterior and movement!! Wow!! It was a wonderfull evening!!

January 11th

The weather was great yesterday, so we took the camera on our walk. 

January 1rst

How can you start a new year better than with a party? Today we celebrate Masai's 7th Birthday!! Tonight her Birthday was started with lots of fireworks all over the world. There is a delicious Birthday cake waiting for her and she will get a lot of presents and special visitors. We wish our prinses many, many happy and healthy years with us.  

We wish you all a very happy and healthy 2014!! We start the year with a new website. We feel a little bit sorry for it, but the layout of the old website wasn't up-to-date anymore and the programs didn't work as they should. We created the new website in our own personal style, but with a new look. We hope you like it!