October 1rst

We received this beautiful pictures of Noah (Handsome Friends Bold to the Bone) on his mantrailing course. He really enjoys it and works very good. The pictures are made by Studio Lapoor for the website of the "school" K9-Unique. Myrhte&Willeke, many thanks for the pictures!

September 16th

We went on holiday with our spotties. It was very hot so we couldn't walk all day but despite of that we had a lovely time. The doggies behaved amazing, we're very proud of them. Click on this link for the photo album.

August 28th

Friday we went to the EDS in Brussel and Saturday we showed our dogs at the NCDH Clubshow. At the EDS Dhr. Skok (HR) judged 116 Dalamtians in high speed, at the clubshow the 81 Dalmatians were judged by Mrs. S. Langanke (D). 

All Stars (Handsome Friends Bo Darya-Ye Noor) had to leave the ring at the EDS after the judged had looked at his front teeth without any problems. Later we saw an D with the results. We have no idea why so we're very disappointed about it. 
Joy (Handsome Friends Brazilian Battle) was 4VG in breeders class males at the NCDH clubshow.
Koh I Noor (Multi.Ch. Handsome Friends Adamas Koh I Noo) got both days Excellent in champion class but no placement.
Masai (Multi.Ch. First Forest Forever Friends) was 2Exc. on EDS and took 4th place with Excellent on the clubshow both in veteran class.

Despite we're a bit disappointed about the judging the dogs behaved really, really good. It was very hot but we did everything to keep them cool, so they also got a nice icecream. It was nice to see Joy again after his holiday in France and we had a lot to catch up with his owners. We didn't brought our camera on Friday so only pictures of the clubshow.

August 25th

We've made some nice pictures of our spotties enjoying swimming on our afternoon walk. Click on this link for the photo album.

August 15th

We had an amazing day this weekend. We went with the dogs to a workshop Balans & Coördination from Marieke Smit (Dogschool Robbedoes). Joy and his owners joined us. The doggies did really great and had a lot of fun. It was a fantastic day with great weather, well behaved dogs and good company. Click here for the photo album.

August 8th
Joy (Handsome Friends Brazilian Battle) stayed over with us this weekend. He behaved very well and also swam for the first time (thanks to his brother All Stars who gave him the right example)! We're so proud of him!

July 22nd

Today Koh I Noor celebrated her 7th Birthday! She unwrapped many presents, enjoyed her Birthday cake and felt like a Birthday prinses! We miss Dazzle very much, but despite of that we all had a great day.

July 6th

June 13th
We went with Joy, Masai and Koh I Noor to a Dalmatian Specialty show in Hilden (D). The judge was Mevr. Delabelle from Belgium. There were 64 dalmatians entered. Grandma, mom and (grand)son did amazing;

Joy (Handsome Friends Brazilian Battle) got "Excellent" in a large open class males. He did really great and had a very nice judge report. 

Masai (Multi.Ch.First Forest Forever Friends) won veteran class bitches with VCAC VDH+VCAC Club and became Beste Veteran Bitch. At the end of the day she showed to Best Veteran in Show

It was raining cats and dogs when Koh I Noor (Multi.Kamp.Handsome Friends Adamas Koh I Noor) was judged to despite of that she won champion class bitches with CAC VDH+CAC Club! She gave all she had, good girl!

Both girls had excellent judge reports! We're really proud of all three spotties!
We had an amazing day. The dogs enjoyed their "bratwurst" and walk in the forrest nearby the show location. We had a lovely time with Joy his co-owners and want to thank them for coming to the show with him. 

June 2nd

Mail for All Stars! A Birthday card and some treats for him and the other from his brother Enzo and niece Coco and their owners Liesbeth en Marijn. When Leonieke and Marengo went to the riding school he also got a present from Marieke. So sweet from all of you, thank you so much! 

June 1rst

Hip hip hooray, our sweet boy All Stars 2 years old today! He helped really well making his Birthday cake, and of course totally happy with his presents. We also wish Enzo, Joy and Noah a Happy Birthday with lots of cake and presents!

May 29 th

Grandpa Dazzle (Multi.Kamp.Handsome Harley Dalmoor Manor) 13,9 years old, grandma Masai (Multi.Kamp.First Forest Forever Friends) 9,5 years old, mommy Koh I Noor (Multi.Kamp.Handsome Friends Adamas Koh I Noor) 6 years old and (grand)son All Stars (Handsome Friends Bo Darya-Ye Noor) almost 2 years old. We're so proud of them!

May 5th

This morning we went for a walk with our whole pack in Gieten. In the afternoon we made an 2,5 hour long walk with Masai, Koh I Noor and All Stars. For Dazzle it was a bit too much, two long walks on one day so he had to stay home with "grandma". Dazzle thought he could come with us, so he had a bone to chew. Lovely day!

April 9th

Today we went to the International Dogshow in Utrecht. The judge was Dhr. Coppens and 19 Dalmatians were registered.

All Stars (Handsome Friends Bo Dary-Ye Noor) was 1Exc. in Intermediaire class with a great judge report.

Koh I Noor (Multi.Ch. Handsome Friends Adamas Koh I Noor) was 1Exc. in Champion class and 2nd Best Bitch with RCAC/ RCACIB.

We are really happy with these results!

April 4th
Great news! We received All Stars (Handsome Friends Bo Darya-Ye Noor) his gene test back. He have Genotype E/E and B/B. That means he is Lemon-Gene free and dominant for the color black.

March 25th

All Stars had so much fun at our afternoon walk (as always). Today I've made some pictures of our boy having fun. Click here for the photo album.

March 20th

Today Joy had his very first International show in Hazerswoude-Dorp. The judge was Mrs. Lochs-Romans.

Joy (Handsome Friends Brazilian Battle) became 1VG in intermediaire class.

On his way back home he and his co-owner visit us for a cup of thee. A nice start for Joy, we're really proud at him! Many thanks to Saskia and Alain for all the great care and support.

Some old news

We discovered we never told All Stars his story on our English page, only on the Dutch one. So maybe it's good we tell about him;

All Stars was a very happy, easy going and sweet little baby. When he was around 3 months old he started scratching his mouth on the left side and he start to avoid people touch his head a little. We thought it was because he was teeth exchanging so no worries about it. When he was 6 months old he also slobbered more and began to scratch his left ear open while it was clean (the vet checked it). He was still missing one tooth so we went to the dentist with him and they made a dental x-ray. We thought the tooth was in his jaw but couldn't come through. But nothing to see, the tooth was missing. In the next months the complaints are getting worse but our vet couldn't find anything. He made x-rays of his whole head, looked really careful in his mouth with special light when All Stars was sedated. Nothing to see. At the end there were days the pain was so bad he crawl over the floor, shaked over his whole body, couldn't open his mouth, screamed loud when you touch his head ect. ect.. We gave him painkillers at these days, but what else could we do? Just when our vet suggested to take a CT-Scan we saw a little bump on his cheek. They immediately made an ultrasound of his cheek and found a hole. It was very risky area so they send him to a specialist. We made an appointment for the next day. The specialist studied him and they made an CT-Scan. They saw the infection was so big there was already press on his trachea. But the radiologist had to exam the scan first before they could do something. We went home with All Stars but in the evening he started bleeding out of his mouth. There was so much blood, we called the specialist. Luckily it stopped after a while so he was allowed to stay at home, but when the bleeding will start again he had to go for hospitalisation. But he slept okay that night. In the morning (of course it was weekend) the specialist called the radiologist she had to exam the scan as soon as possible. The infection was growing and growing and in the beginning of the afternoon All Stars had a surgery. In the evening he finally came home with a drain in his head, bleeding, bleeding and bleeding. We fenced a little part of the living room for him because of all the blood. The image of the operation and all the test results shown the reason of all the pain was a wooden splinter in his jaw/ cheek. On the days that the pain was so strong the spinter probably moved. We are really happy All Stars is totally healthy again but because of all the pain for such a long time he had the only thing what's left is his "head trauma". He is afraid (strange) people will hurt him when they touch his head. We hope once he will get over it, but if not we can understand. The only thing is that we can't show him when he doesn't learn to deal with his trauma, but for the rest All Stars is a really happy, funny and sweet guy. We think this is the most important.


March 6th

We went to the Martinidogshow in Groningen with Koh I Noor and All Stars. The judge was Mrs. Haapaniemi (Fin) and there were 35 Dalmatians. 

It was All Stars (Handsome Friends Bo Darya-Ye Noor) his first show after his operation. Leonieke showed his teeth to the judge and this went well, but she wanted to do it herself and that was a little bit to much for him. For this he was disqualified but he was allowed to stay in the ring and get a short report. For the rest he behaved really well! 

Koh I Noor (Multi.Ch.Handsome Friends Adamas Koh I Noor) was 2Exc. in champion class with a really great judge report.


Some old pictures of All Stars his story:

February 17th

Great news! Today we received Joy (Handsome Friends Brazilian Battle) his hip score; HD A Norberg 38! Last week we also got his lemon test back; Genotype E/E so Joy is free of the lemon gene. We are so happy!

February 17th
After a lot of rainy weeks the weather was beautiful yesterday. We went for a extra long walk in the morning. Time to take some photos of the dogs at our afternoon walk. Dazzle stayed at home because the field we need to cross to get at the pool is really hard-going and wet. We did some exercise with the dummy at our pasture with him when we got home.

All Stars:

Masai en Koh I Noor:


February 13th
We went to the photographer with our spotted family. Today we received the results and they look lovely. Dazzle, Masai, Koh I Noor and All Stars did amazing and hardly couldn't wait for their own turn. They behaved very well, we are so proud of them. We want to thank Joli Fotografie for the great pictures.

January 4th
We've made a nice walk in the first snow this winter. Click here for the photo album.

January 1rst

Today was Masai's 9th Birthday. She got a lot of presents and a yummy Birthday cake. She enjoyed all the extra attention and had a lovely day.