First Forest Forever Friends

Dutch, Belgium, German, Luxembourg and International Champion. Dutch and Luxembourg Youthchampion, Brabo Winner '09, Europasieger '09, Brabo Winner '10, Benelux Veteran Winner '15,

Europaveteranensieger '15, Amsterdam's Veteran Winner '15, Dutch Veteran Champion, German Veteran Champion, Belgian Veteran Winner '17

 Black on white. Born: 01-01- 2007

Sire: Dutch and Lux. Youth ch. Cool Spots Ascot

Dame: Dutch, Lux. and Int. Ch. First Forest Fetch The Edge JW ‘05

Hips: HD-A, Norberg 38

BAER +/+  Teeth: Missing 1 P1.

Height: 59 cm. Lemon-gene Free

                                                                                                                                                    We call her: Masai Mara

About Masai:


Masai is our first bitch. She is from a litter of 5 dogs and just 1 bitch. We waited a long time for this litter because we definitely wanted a daughter of Multi Champion First Forest Fetch the Edge.

Masai is a real lady and knows exactly what she wants! She is a very happy girl. She really loves playing and often persuades Koh I Noor to play with her. She loves cosiness and always wants to accompagny everybody who is going somewhere.

In July 2009 Masai gave birth to 7 lovely puppies, 5 bitches and 2 dogs. We kept a lovely bitch out of this litter; Multi Champion Handsome Friends Adamas Koh I Noor.

Masai loves our horses! She enjoys helping to feed them and when something is dropped it's no problem for her to pick (eat!) it up! She also enjoys helping to fill the waterbuckets and to muck out the stables.

Masai always greets people she knows with a big smile, even the horses and cats get a big smile. This shows Masai's character: happy but also meek.

Masai likes to work and has a great will to please. She did the basical dog course and scored the highest points on every element. The examinator critiziced Masai as a relaxed dog with an enthousiastic attitude to people and neutral to other dogs. We are very content with this professional evaluation of Masai's character.

Masai also enjoys several dogsports. At this moment she goes to dogdance lessons and she really enjoys this!

Masai became Dutch and Luxembourgs Youth Champion. At he age of 27 months Masai became Dutch Champion. She also became Europa Siegerin '09 out of 90 Dalmatians! After her litter she became International, Belgium, German and Luxembourg Champion. We are very proud on these results, she is a great girl!

Picture's of Masai working. Click on the button to see the album;