June 1rst

Today All Stars (Handsome Friends Bo Darya-Ye Noor) is our Birthday boy; 7 years old! He loved his Birthday cake and the presents. Sweet and happy boy. We wish his brothers Enzo, Noah and Joy also a Happy Birthday with lots of cake and presents.   

March 6th

We recieved some gorgeous pictures of Joy (Ch. Handsome Friends Brazilian Battle) his offspring. On the first photo's Maiden, June and their brother form the litter with Yakima (Indian Dogs Cherokee Lady). They are almost 9 months old now. On the fourth photo a male from the litter with Dolly (Indian Dogs Brown Hurrit), he is 6 months old. They're all doing great! We're very proud of Joy his children! 

February 8th

Winter wonderland in Holland, Koh I Noor and All Stars loves the snow!! We're so proud of Koh I Noor, she's already 11,5 years old but still a happy girl.

February 3rd

Koh I Noor and All Stars are very happy with their new "little brother" cat Yob!